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Friday, May 30, 2014

Self Seeding Plants Are Like unexpected Presents

You only need to plant borage once. It’ll self seed all over the place and you’ll be weeding it out all spring. But I couldn’t have a garden without its beautiful, edible, tiny, blue lowers that add colour and the flavour of cucumber to food. Its hairy leaves have the same flavour. Chop them finely before adding to food.
As well as food, borage flowers attract insects, most of them beneficial. Like parasitic wasps that eat aphids and bees that pollinate most of the food plants we eat.

Self seeded dill

This year I was gratified when I noticed tiny dill seedlings that had popped up where it was growing last year. I moved them over to another spot happy to have free dill. Like borage dills huge flowers composed of hundreds of tiny floweretts attract beneficial insects to the garden.
Dill leaves and seeds are edible. I love chopped dill leaves in coleslaw and soup.

Peppergrass a green slender plant tastes peppery hot. I love it in green salads. When it self sowed in the garden this spring it took me a while to identify it. At first I thought it was cilantro. However it wasn’t long before I realized it looked exactly like the peppergrass sprouts I had planted elsewhere.

Self seeded cilantro actually it's  pepper grass

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  1. I'm a big fan of self seeders too. They make gardening so much easier. My favourites are cilantro and mustard. I can never seem to get enough seed to germinate if I plant it but inevitably it will show up anyway.


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