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Monday, May 19, 2014

My Book Is Here

I have an advanced copy of my book! I took this photo while in the car right after I ripped the top off the box and pulled out the finished copy of the manuscript. I've been writing and editing and editing some more for the last sixteen months.
I still can't believe I did this. I wrote a whole book!

What's Inside

The first section, the most important one, explains how to get the most out of your garden by building up the soil to feed your plants and choosing a warm microclimate to ripen your crop faster. I clarify technical terms like winterkill, hardening off, biennial, annual and perennial. Proper watering techniques, dealing with pests and diseases and a detailed discussion on harvesting and storing your crop over the long winter

Section two is about the best way to grow each vegetable and fruit, what to do with it in the kitchen and recommended ways to store it.

Section 3 is a compilation of recipes to make with your garden produce every month of the year.

Included are detailed frost and zone maps, a section explaining how to make a cold frame to keep your produce alive at either end of the season and specific instructions on germinating seeds indoors so you can jump start the growing season.

For the most part the photos are mine. They were taken over the years in all three of my gardens.

You are invited to help me launch my book On Wednesday June 4th at 7PM at Books & Co,1685, 3rd Ave in Prince George. I look forward to meeting you


  1. Hi Melanie, i have not been here for a while. And now, OH Congratulations! Now you can rest for a while writing and editing, maybe do some real gardening to de-stress! Again, more power!

    1. Thanks Andrea! It's finally warm enough here and things have started growing so there is gardening to do.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I can hardly wait to buy a copy!


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