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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nothing Grows During The Brown Season so start your seedlings indoors

Tomato seedlings Nowadays, I start tomatoes, hot peppers and annual flowers indoors under lights. I have no need for the pots and pots of perennial herbs, vegetables and flowers I used to start from seed. By their very nature I have all I need.

I start my plants from seed because its fun; its satisfying to know I nurtured my plants through their entire lifecycle. I get to choose exactly the species or cultivar I want. Many types of flowers, herbs and vegetables are not available in nurseries as seedlings. As a bonus, growing plants from seed is cheaper and I can have more of them for a fraction of the price.

Start looking for seeds to grow by checking out my list of catalogues on the Resources page above.

Read my posts under the Seeds label in the column on the left of this page for advice on how to start perennial and annual seeds indoors.

Are you growing any plants from seed this year? let me know in the comments.


  1. I was waiting for you to say it was time! I bought my light and seed trays and seeds a couple of weeks ago. Last spring I was still recovering from the shock of my first winter in PG and tried to start seed in my greenhouse. As I'm sure you already know, nothing except bombproof sunflowers sprouted. This year, I'm ready!

    1. That's great Tara. Be sure to read my other posts on seeds since cold weather crops , kale broccoli, chard and other brassicas as well as carrots, beets, potatoes turnips, lettuce, and more can be seeded directly into your garden after the snow melts and the soil has dried sometime, hopefully, in May :)

  2. I think I'll try lupens, now that I have your directions to follow!


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