Thursday, December 12, 2013

When It Snows…

We’ve had so much snow lately, keeping on top of the shovelling seems like a waste of effort especially when the forecast predicts more heavy snow in the next few days. The most sensible thing to do is strap on a pair of skis and enjoy!

I could tell where the compost bin was by the pointy lump.

It was easy enough to brush off the snow and tip in my bucket of kitchen scraps.

Back indoors I noticed my Echeveria is going to flower.
Cross country skiing down the driveway out to the road
It's finally stopped snowing so I'm following my own advice and going skiing.


  1. My goodness. Impressed you get the table scraps into the bin still. Enjoy the skiing. That's something I've never done. Cross country or downhill.

  2. Thanks, I intend to enjoy skiing all winter:)

  3. what a wonderful winter wonderland - I doubt you'd be practically housebound with all that snow if you couldn't ski Melanie.

  4. Good for you! Lemonade out of lemons is always the best way. Have fun swooshing around the woods!

  5. oh Melanie, do I ever know how you feel. My arms are aching from all the shoveling. I've been out there just about every second day for the last 2 weeks, gotta keep the path to my compost open! I haven't got the skis out yet but the snowshoes have made an appearance.


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