Friday, November 22, 2013

Plugging My Nose

Corpse flower getting ready to open at the Jardin Botanique in Montreal

Best known as the worlds stinkiest flower and one of the largest I was gratified to see Amorphophallus titanium, alas still in bud, when I visited the Jardin Botanique while in Montreal. When the flower opens it smells strongly of rotting meat. The flowers horrid smell has earned it the nickname corpse flower, maybe its a good thing that the bud had still not opened.

When open the flowers vase shaped spathe and spike like inflorescence can reach from 17-20 feet (5-6 metres) high. The flower lasts 48-72 hours.

Amorphophallus titanium originates from Sumatra where it grows in open forests on hillsides.

See a photo of the open flower and find out more about Amorphophallus titanium at the UBC botanical garden site


  1. It looks very impressive even just as a bud. I'm also admiring the slipper orchids on the wall behind it :)

    1. They have a whole greenhouse devoted to orchids. You would love it!


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